• What if Americans were to become “rich“ again?

    BriefLetter - Issue 11/2012
    America is soon set to become the world’s largest producer of oil and gas. The International Agency sees the USA ahead of Saudi Arabia and Russia as early as 2017. This would be good news for the whole world, provided, of course, that America handles th...
  • Too much money for customer acquisition, too little for the upkeep of customer relations

    BriefLetter - Issue 11/2012
    Especially during the last weeks of the year we read and hear a lot about the marketing and communication plans of industry and commerce for the year to come. And it’s our impression that simply too much money is being spent on customer acquisition in r...
  • The brand as an element of managing business perspectives in the perception of the market player

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 09/2012
    As Edson W. Spencer, the former Chairman of Honeywell Inc., once stated, “It takes years to build a good business reputation, but one false move can destroy that reputation over night.” Over the past few months this has happened to several businesses,...
  • An automobile for ‘the people’ by VW

    BriefLetter - Issue 10/2012
    Franz M. Schmid-PreisslerThe news that VW is planning on marketing an automobile for the people in the near future, meaning a utility vehicle for daily use, is enjoyable. ...
  • Do we still have to distinguish between domestic and foreign markets?

    BriefLetter - Issue 10/2012
    We are of the opinion, that there is little sense in such a differentiation! Even though entrepreneurs often still distinguish between domestic and foreign markets and respective organizational structures. ...
  • A quote from Franz M. Schmid-Preissler

    BriefLetter - Issue 10/2012
    Numbers express results. The path to these results is by way of knowledge, experience and a calculated willingness to take risks. This is why plans should not be composed of numbers. F.M. Schmid-Preissler...
  • A quote from F. M. Schmid-Preissler:

    BriefLetter - Issue 09/2012
     Do the impossible things, because the possible are already done by someone else!F. M. Schmid-Preissler...
  • E-commerce, yes but …!

    BriefLetter - Issue 09/2012
    The internet has changed the world in a similar way as the step into the age of automobiles. The internet is our constant companion. Our work and the associated time consuming processes can often no longer be handled efficiently without the flexibility an...
  • EU—commission contemplating new tightening of regulations in regard to the sale of cigarettes.

    BriefLetter - Issue 09/2012
    Franz M. Schmid-Preissler Us Europeans, we are used to quite a lot in regard to creativity and solicitude of the Brussels EU-commissions. After all, it all happens for our benefit. The brand images on packets of cigarettes are supposed to disappear, produ...
  • Value enhancing corporate governance starts with brand equity

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 08/2012
    A recently published poll by online job exchange Stepstone shows that not even every second employee (44 percent) accurately knows the stock price of his/her employer for 2012. While approximately one third (33 percent) are not aware of the corporate goal...
  • We need a new consumer culture or inflation will devour our prosperity and make the poorest of the world even poorer. We have to make a decision.

    BriefLetter - Issue 08/2012
    By F.M. Schmid-PreisslerIf we really want to turn around the situation we live in, which people label either as economic or financial crisis, then we have to address the root of the problem and introduce a new consumer culture globally. Yes, at the end of...
  • China, the promised land

    BriefLetter - Issue 08/2012
    We can indeed assume that sales prospects for manufacturers of consumer goods of industrial nations are increasing considerably over the coming decade for their products in BRICS countries (40% of the world’s population live in BRICS countries, altogeth...
  • “Rule of Reason“ – if there only were such a thing.... A preface to our Summer Edition

    BriefLetter - Issue 07/2012
    By Franz M. Schmid-PreisslerIt is not the latest discovery that most questions could be solved with the use of some common sense. But I was reminded of it recently, especially considering the three following topics and the used arguments. ...
  • Brand equity and risk management

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 07/2012
    The topic risk management was long thought to be a topic that mainly pertained to credit and insurance industries. In the face of a stumbling world economy, the volatility of commodities prices, the Euro crisis and similar, many are taking measures to min...
  • 120 million US$ for painting by E. Munch and 20,000 Euro for the admission ticket to a soccer game

    BriefLetter - Issue 06/2012
    Money was invented 8,000 years ago.Johann N. Nestroy (1801-1862) said about it:„The Phoenicians invented money – why so little?“By Franz M. Schmid-Preissler Are a painting by E. Munch and an admission ticket to a soccer game really worth that much m...
  • Brand equity as indicator for marketing controlling

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 06/2012
    Christina Schmid-Preissler, SchmidPreissler International Strategy ConsultantsWithout doubt, from the point of view of businesses, in case of brand transactions or licensing the establishment of brand equity is still given the highest priority. Neverthele...
  • Excerpt from the 15th edition of Synesis, published in April 2012: Profit and Costs

    BriefLetter - Issue 06/2012
    Our profit-oriented approach is part of an integrative, market-oriented, strategic way of thinking – after all, it is precisely on the market where profit is made. This superiority regarding all the other competitors is what can make a company really st...
  • Thank you, „Miss Ursula“!

    BriefLetter - Issue 05/2012
    Joining the board of directors after 30 years on the side of Ferdinand Piech, globally the most successful entrepreneur in the automotive industry, is no picnic and no supplementary income. And if a qualified kindergarten teacher takes it upon herself to ...
  • German engineers are more efficient than Chinese

    BriefLetter - Issue 05/2012
    Franz Maximilian Schmid-PreisslerSometimes gets a feeling as if one finding oneself in woke up in ‘la cage aux folles’. This happened to me a few days ago when a generally rather critical Germany newspaper reported on a large scale that a German entre...
  • Excerpt from our recently published Synesis 15th Edition

    BriefLetter - Issue 05/2012
    Knowledge-based societies – societies of individualistsWe are publishing an excerpt from the recently printed 15th edition of Synesis where we give an account on Performance – Growth – New Markets – Branding – from our point of view. ...
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