• The search for a role model

    BriefLetter - Issue 05/2012
    Franz M. Schmid-PreisslerWe are all alike. We are all searching for role models, for examples of producing success, of how to set milestones or how to write a biography that sells. In short, anyone wanting to be noticed in economy, politics and society, h...
  • Brand equity and market equity are not one

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 05/2012
    We were recently asked by a well-known German business journal within the framework of an article, how we assess the market equity of Heidi Klum. ...
  • Hidden Treasures: Divesting brand equity makes monetary brand equity transparent and can yield capital

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 04/2012
    Christina Schmid-Preissler, SchmidPreissler International Strategy Consultants GmbHWhile the sale and lease or rent back has prevailed successfully for years with real estate, machinery and car pools, the divestment of brand assets is slowly but surely ga...
  • Respect for Italy

    BriefLetter - Issue 04/2012
    During the Euro crisis, Greece was the big topic and now, for a change, speculations run rampant whether or not Spain and Portugal turn into the next existential problem case. What is overlooked is what is going on in Italy. Or it is seen, but it does not...
  • Synesis 2012

    BriefLetter - Issue 04/2012
    End of April the 15th edition of our Synesis will be published, where we describe the maxim that determines our thinking and our actions, our point of view and the resulting evaluations. Friends and affiliates automatically receive a copy, but we have als...
  • Appetite for World Market Leaders

    BriefLetter - Issue 04/2012
    The many paths leading to globalization are as diverse as the world is colorful. The formerly exporting and now globally thinking companies of the leading industrial nations always remained true to themselves and determined the path through their origin a...
  • Jil Sander remains Jil Sander

    BriefLetter - Issue 03/2012
    "Welt am Sonntag" from February 26, 2012 The return to „the aged“Jil Sander the 68 years old and probably the most well-known and most successful German fashion designer of the past 40 year, is taking over again the creative direction of the fashion b...
  • Are trade shows still contemporary?

    BriefLetter - Issue 03/2012
    By Franz M. Schmid-PreisslerThe many trade shows, exhibitions, congresses and events justify this question, because especially when it comes to trade shows, the expenditures for visitors as well as exhibitors are increasing rapidly. Tour operators, hotels...
  • Do corporate consultancies have to reinvent themselves?

    BriefLetter - Issue 03/2012
    The discussion has been going on globally for some time now. The leading American specialized publishing house Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory has published a series of interesting contributions in this context. Big and internationally operating c...
  • Factor of success brand management

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 03/2012
    As the awarding of the Best Brands 2012 in Munich last week has shown, they do exist, these good cases of brand management. Whether BMW, iPhone, HTC or Amazon – just to name the winners in the single categories – each brand offers its own success stor...
  • Market value orientation offers brand success

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 02/2012
    That market success is no coincidence is something experts from theory and praxis agree upon. Just the same as everyone agrees that it’s not „witchcraft“ and as such reserved for just those few who are well versed in wizardry. However, there is a gr...
  • New strategies for new market success. – What’s new?

    BriefLetter - Issue 02/2012
    Franz M. Schmid-Preissler Of course it is part of the business model of publishing houses to publish new promising market strategies at the beginning of each year. As every year, I took the effort of looking at at least half a dozen of those books. After ...
  • The market community as target group

    BriefLetter - Issue 02/2012
    The market community as target group – this does not sound revolutionary, but it is, because it more or less turns traditional marketing thinking upside down, specifically in its core. It was part of the basic multiplication table of marketing for decad...
  • Brand leadership requires strong organizational roots

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 01/2012
    That a brand nowadays is in general the central value creation factor is accepted to a large extent. However, during the implementation often a shortened and one-dimensional understanding of what a brand is shows: A brand is marketing. ...
  • December 16, 2011 will remain a memorable day – Dr. h.c. Gian Franco Kasper will be awarded the Best of the Alps® Award 2011

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 11/2011
    Dr. h.c. Gian Franco Kasper, President of the International Ski Federation (FIS) and member of the International Olympic Committee, received for his achievements in regard to sports and tourism the Best of the Alps® Award 2011 of the 12 Classic Mountain ...
  • With 80 chefs around the world

    BriefLetter - Issue 01/2012
    Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s second largest daily newspaper recently published a report about the result of a strategy we developed years ago for the Swiss ski resort St. Moritz. In the tourism industry it is like it is in all other industries and in...
  • One billion are one thousand million

    BriefLetter - Issue 01/2012
    by Franz M. Schmid-Preissler„One billion are one thousand million“. - True. I was recently asked why I had mentioned that. My answer was that I got the impression that we have lost the feeling for billions and millions. What’s a billion, or ten or a...
  • Oh Karl!

    BriefLetter - Issue 12/2011
    When one reads or hears that Karl Lagerfeld, one of the very great in the world of fashion with lots of experience in many markets, wants to create a collection for those less well-heeled, one can only shake one’s head. One really has to wonder with wha...
  • Pop-ups and banners do not serve the management of brand profiles

    BriefLetter - Issue 12/2011
    Of course, we can no longer envision a world without internet. However, the euphoria with which the advertising industry is paying homage to the internet as medium of brand communication, is rather risky than entirely acceptable. The excitement with which...
  • Made in Europe

    BriefLetter - Issue 12/2011
    The EU Commission in Brussels is planning changes to the law in regard to the origin of goods. The origin of goods is currently in that country where the “last essential, economically justifiable processing” takes place. This principle shall be change...
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