• Globalization means showing one’s colors when it comes to marketing consumer goods

    BriefLetter - Issue 05/2011
    Switzerland started it. The Bundesrat in Bern is currently working on a new legislative bill deciding the policy on which products are going to be allowed to show the Swiss flag and which brands are going to be allowed to be associated with the flag in th...
  • "Brand loyalty" is receding

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 04/2011
    „Brand loyalty“ is recedingA German market research institute has determined, that consumers do not take “brand loyalty” that seriously anymore. Before we start singing the song of grief or begin working on the solution of the problem, one should ...
  • "Luxury" endangers the politcal stability in China. Is that really so?

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 04/2011
    Dear BriefLetter Reader Aside from many subject areas the media is dealing with two topics in particular. Our Briefletter Special „Luxury“ endangers the political stability in China. Is that really so?The desire for a life without the pressures of mat...
  • Consumer goods markets after the Japanese reactor disaster

    BriefLetter - Issue 04/2011
    The incident in Fukushima is going to change the world and along with it the consumer goods markets, globally. The world needs a new energy concept and until this happens, energy is going to become tight and expensive and volume growth, which is often tal...
  • Has the traditional marketing of licensed brands become obsolete?

    BriefLetter - Issue 04/2011
    This question does arise.  Recently, marketing of licensed brands has exceeded the bounds of possibility by far, especially under the term of “brand stretching”. In the hope of taking in licensing fees quickly, the innate and natural habitat of brand...
  • Trademark Protection and Brand Equity

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 04/2011
    There are a series of factors that determine the value of a brand. The role a clear positioning, the image, the origin and history play is as important as being anchored on the market and the brand awareness. Shaping the value of a brand naturally also ha...
  • John Galliano – the case that merits particular attention –

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 03/2012
    A comment by Franz M. Schmid-PreisslerHe, who risks human dignity, risks the loss of his own identity. Actually, what is essential has been said about the downfall of the master of fashion John Galliano. And yet, I ask the question why more and more espec...
  • Brand Equity – What is it?

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 02/2011
    According to a publication in the WirtschaftsWoche from end of 2010, Sebastian Schweinsteiger is leading the brand equity ranking of the greatest soccer players active in Germany with a brand equity of 20.7 million Euro. He is followed by Arjen Robben wit...
  • Introduction to Brand Equity & Brand Performance:

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 02/2011
    Brands today are often the “most valuable capital of a business”. What Kapferer stated in 1992 in his book “The Brand” is proven today through numerous analysis in practice. Especially in times of increased competition and a tendency to orientate ...
  • Sales! Sales! Sales! Is that the solution?

    BriefLetter - Issue 03/2011
    The message from this year’s Davos World Economic Forum “turn to less” has not yet faded away and the essay “The New Normal” by Paul Achleitner, chairman of the Allianz insurance group, where he writes about the new reality of the global economy...
  • „There is talk of a shopping frenzy!”

    BriefLetter - Issue 03/2011
    A personal comment by Franz M. Schmid-Preissler The people are shopping again. The media is reporting downright a shopping frenzy. A notable international market research company is expecting the highest growth rate increase in consumption in the last ten...
  • The SchmidPreissler Brand Equity+Performance© Model – In Line with the Criteria of the International Standards Organization (ISO)

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 01/2011
    Brands create value. For the consumer whom they offer valuable guidance in a jungle of offers as well as to the companies who own them. While in the past the monetary brand equity was generally speaking usually determined in case of sale or acquisition, t...
  • Prosperity in Russia and China. A class by itself.

    BriefLetter - Issue 02/2011
    In our opinion, the increase in willingness to buy at the end of the year 2010 has lead to exuberant media coverage and to statements from futurologists and trend researchers that should be treated with caution.The years of plenty are still to come, a Ger...
  • The Food Scandals in Germany

    BriefLetter - Issue 02/2011
    The food scandals in Germany are accumulating. Nevertheless, the media concerns itself with it only for a few days. Consumers apparently have been viewing the whole process fatalistically for quite some time now. The authorities and the government however...
  • Good Resolutions

    BriefLetter - Issue 01/2011
    Forgoing good resolutions saves us the time to forget!                                                   Franz M. Schmid-Preissler  ...
  • A New Elite Group of Management Consultants is Forming

    BriefLetter - Issue 01/2011
    In regard to this topic we described our point of view in a BriefLetter in March of 2006, which we would like to depict for you again: Almost everything that was of importance to the success of a consulting firm is becoming less important. It is clearl...
  • SchmidPreissler consults Best of the Alps in questions of brand strategy

    BriefLetter - Issue 01/2011
    In the group Best of the Alps twelve tourism destinations of the excellence segment work together under one common brand. Namely Chamonix / Mont-Blanc, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Davos, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Grindelwald, Kitzbühel, Lech/Zürs am Arlberg, Meg...
  • To be a guest at H&M

    BriefLetter - Issue 01/2011
    Designers from the high-end category - whose fashion is usually better paid with plastic money, because the necessary amount of bills would probably protract in the pocket pants- like to use the chance of offering their name also for low-price-offers in t...
  • Thirty years of studying, thirty years of working and thirty years of "enjoying" life!

    BriefLetter - Issue 01/2011
    This is about what the life of future generations is going to look like. And government, no matter where you live, is going to contribute very little, definitely less than what citizens are going to shell out in taxes and or paying dues to government regu...
  • Suzy Menkes: Heritage Luxury - Past becomes the future

    BriefLetter - Issue 13/2010
    Suzy Menkes in the New York Times on Nov. 8, 2010This was the message that Suzy Menkes announced to journalists and fashion critics recently in London at the IHT Luxury Conference.  Happy Days are back again. However, Suzy Menkes didn’t want it to be u...
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