• Good Resolutions

    BriefLetter - Issue 01/2011
    Forgoing good resolutions saves us the time to forget!                                                   Franz M. Schmid-Preissler  ...
  • A New Elite Group of Management Consultants is Forming

    BriefLetter - Issue 01/2011
    In regard to this topic we described our point of view in a BriefLetter in March of 2006, which we would like to depict for you again: Almost everything that was of importance to the success of a consulting firm is becoming less important. It is clearl...
  • SchmidPreissler consults Best of the Alps in questions of brand strategy

    BriefLetter - Issue 01/2011
    In the group Best of the Alps twelve tourism destinations of the excellence segment work together under one common brand. Namely Chamonix / Mont-Blanc, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Davos, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Grindelwald, Kitzbühel, Lech/Zürs am Arlberg, Meg...
  • To be a guest at H&M

    BriefLetter - Issue 01/2011
    Designers from the high-end category - whose fashion is usually better paid with plastic money, because the necessary amount of bills would probably protract in the pocket pants- like to use the chance of offering their name also for low-price-offers in t...
  • Thirty years of studying, thirty years of working and thirty years of "enjoying" life!

    BriefLetter - Issue 01/2011
    This is about what the life of future generations is going to look like. And government, no matter where you live, is going to contribute very little, definitely less than what citizens are going to shell out in taxes and or paying dues to government regu...
  • Digitalisierung hat die größte Wachstumsdynamik. (Siemens-Chef Joe Kaeser)

    BriefLetter - Issue 04/2014
    Sehr geehrte Leserinnen und Leser, und so müssen wir uns fragen, wie stellen sich eigentlich die Marketingverantwortlichen für Konsumgüter in diesen Zeiten des wirtschaftlichen Umbruchs auf die Zukunft ein? Überall wo ich mich umsehe, in Europa, in Am...
  • Suzy Menkes: Heritage Luxury - Past becomes the future

    BriefLetter - Issue 13/2010
    Suzy Menkes in the New York Times on Nov. 8, 2010This was the message that Suzy Menkes announced to journalists and fashion critics recently in London at the IHT Luxury Conference.  Happy Days are back again. However, Suzy Menkes didn’t want it to be u...
  • Brand Marketing Investments and Expenditures are not a Present of Controlling

    BriefLetter - Issue 13/2010
    Brand marketing investments and expenditures, especially investments and expenditures into communications are only too often seen as mere budget positions which can be discontinued according to profit situation or profit assessment. And in the course of t...
  • Brand Diffusion instead of Brand Licensing

    BriefLetter - Issue 13/2010
    We use the opportunities provided by forming strategic alliances in the area of brand diffusion in order to introduce new content, processes and quality to the traditional relationship between brand owners and brand rights holders and to establish a new u...
  • Happy days are back again!

    BriefLetter - Issue 12/2010
    According to media reports the inclination to buy has returned among consumers. Industry and retail announced good numbers and a gratifying receipt of orders. Louis Vuitton is currently closing its stores one hour earlier, in order to cool down the franti...
  • Made in France

    BriefLetter - Issue 12/2010
    France wants to support its national industry, which by means of the seal of approval „Made in France“ is to receive a special quality certificate. ...
  • Coca Cola – the most valuable brand in the world

    BriefLetter - Issue 12/2010
    An American research company publishes annually a list of the ascertained brand equity. ...
  • Siegmund Warburg

    BriefLetter - Issue 11/2010
    His Lives and TimeNiall Ferguson wrote a significant biography of Siegmund Warburg. On page 233 you will find a most interesting quotation from Siegmund Warburg: On page 233 you will find a most interesting quotation from Siegmund Warburg: "The reputation...
  • Restructuring of Marketing and Distribution.

    BriefLetter - Issue 11/2010
    Restructuring is on everyone’s lips. Restructuring, reorganizing, repositioning, programs to support sustainability and many other headlines are above savings and cost cutting programs. Only two segments are in general more or less excluded, because it...
  • Hermès Paris made and sold in China. Shang Xia, the new brand of the global company Hermès.

    BriefLetter - Issue 11/2010
    What news! Hermès is planting a tree in China. Hermès is coupling its own values - which the company has made the center of its creative work for the past six generations, even during times when these weren’t in vogue such as the pursuit of perfection...
  • A new luxury quality

    BriefLetter - Issue 10/2010
    If you believe recent accounts in the media, then luxury is back. Happy days are back again, one could think. However, is that really the continuance of the luxury from days gone by or is this misleading and there is actually sprouting something new? ...
  • The tourism industry turns guests into consumers

    BriefLetter - Issue 10/2010
    Since flying really isn’t a pleasant experience anymore and last-minute offers have lost their allure, natural disasters and political unrest are escalating in many parts of the world, Europeans are increasingly looking for recreation on their own conti...
  • To be or to appear. That is the question now!

    BriefLetter - Issue 09/2010
    The restart after the break at the end of this 50 year exceptional period, requires an examination of the value of a business, especially which efforts have been made by a business in order to determine this value for the future of the business. ...
  • Li & Fung research informs: China is now the luxury market number one.

    BriefLetter - Issue 09/2010
    For China, we say this is excellent, since it shows that the country has moved up with flying colors from the Third World via the Second World into the First World with the efforts and diligence of its people. China is on the home stretch. ...
  • What is important for designers of brand products in order to be successful?

    BriefLetter - Issue 08/2010
    We are often asked this question. The twelve cardinal principles of designers developed by us form the basis of our work in our workshops and with designers. ...
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