• BriefLetter in eigener Sache

    BriefLetter - Issue 02/2014
    Wir freuen uns sehr über die im ersten Halbjahr 2014 weltweit gestiegene Anzahl unserer BriefLetter Leserinnen und Leser ( 06/14: ca.13.000), und wir haben uns entschlossen, BriefLetter auch in Zukunft mit aktuellen Themen aus unserer Arbeit zu veröffen...
  • Think global and act global

    BriefLetter - Issue 01/2014
    Muss es nicht „Think global and act local“ heißen? Dieser alte Grundsatz gilt unserer Ansicht nach nur noch bedingt. Ein wesentlicher Grund dafür ist sicherlich die globale Welt, in der wir leben. Das Internet mit allen seinen Möglichkeiten bietet ...
  • Face-to-Face Encounters Program

    BriefLetter - Issue 01/2014
    Sehr geehrte BriefLetter Leserinnen und Leser,wir haben mit dem "Face-to-Face Encounters Program" ein fünftes Tool in unsere Tool Klassiker (siehe aufgenommen, weil das Thema „persönliche Kommunikation mit dem Kunden“...
  • Marketing in der Krise?

    BriefLetter - Issue 02/2014
    Sehr geehrte Leserinnen und Leser, ist das Marketing wirklich in einer Identitätskrise? Ich meine schon. Die kontroverse Auseinandersetzung, ob Marketing Wissenschaft oder Handwerk ist, zeigt sehr deutlich auf, wie sehr das Marketing „zwischen die Stü...
  • Excellence HighEnd & Premium segments of the consumer goods markets develop very well globally

    BriefLetter - Issue 11/2013
    While growth rates of the mass market and mainstream segments of the consumer goods markets are increasing only slightly or not at all, sales volume in the Excellence HighEnd and Premium segments is developing rather well. Revenue drivers are global touri...
  • What kind of growth does the world need?

    BriefLetter - Issue 11/2013
    Franz M Schmid-Preissler The topic growth is widely talked about. There is talk of growth on a company level or of growth politicians keep an eye on. There is talk about industry growth, national and international growth and many other kinds of growth. H...
  • The right choice of customers is the life insurance for brands

    BriefLetter - Issue 10/2013
    When it comes to the implementation of market-oriented strategies, the right choice of customers is becoming increasingly significant. What is required is a very careful study of whom a company chooses as partner on the retail level. The brand has to be a...
  • Qoros is more than a car that corresponds with Western standards - Qoros is a clear signal for a take-off of the Chinese Premium industry

    BriefLetter - Issue 10/2013
    China is mobilizing in order to conquer the world with new premium products and brands. For a long time Chinese have mastered the production of Premium products the way people want them today. And of course they have learned in recent times from Ralph Lau...
  • It runs and runs and runs …

    BriefLetter - Issue 09/2013
    Franz M. Schmid-Preissler on the topic of advertising „It runs and runs and …“ Decades ago, Bill Bernbach wrote this immortal sentence under the picture of a Volkswagen. And David Ogilvy wrote in an ad for Rolls Royce „The loudest noise in this n...
  • Global thinking starts at home!

    BriefLetter - Issue 09/2013
    Often and impressively worded, we can read how important the Chinese market and generally the emerging markets are for businesses and how these markets can be conquered or expanded. We very much agree, seeing that we are strategy consultants specialized i...
  • An automobile for ‘the people’ by VW

    BriefLetter - Issue 09/2013
    Franz M. Schmid-Preissler The news that VW is planning on marketing an automobile for the people in the near future, meaning a utility vehicle for daily use, is enjoyable. The VW concern deserves praise for not only fulfilling the wishes of car-crazy cus...
  • Lifestyle and Way of Life – The Pillars of Consumer Behavior?

    BriefLetter - Issue 08/2013
    SchmidPreissler Strategy Consultants Consumer behavior has been characterized since the beginning of the contemporary and modern change of values by two varied personal attitudes: This applies on one hand to the attitude of persons that behave as is exp...
  • Gut instinct & visual flight versus strategic thinking and acting.

    BriefLetter - Issue 08/2013
    Franz M. Schmid-Preissler Prima facie this does not seem to fit together indeed. Acting from a gut instinct means acting in an emotional way, not lead by reason. This has nothing in common with acting strategically, one would think. And flying visually r...
  • „ Trust, but verify! “ (Lenin)

    BriefLetter - Issue 08/2013
    Franz M. Schmid-Preissler Is the US possibly adhering to Lenin’s maxim for today’s security policy and if so, has the red line been crossed? Surely, there is a red line for almost anything and whoever crosses this line has to live with the consequenc...
  • Zalando, Amazon & company-owned internet commerce

    BriefLetter - Issue 07/2013
    Does internet commerce represent an existential danger for stationary trade and what is its influence on the future outlook of specialized trade and traditional shippers as well as department stores and general stores and stationary discount business? Whi...
  • The next BriefLetter edition will be published on 2 September 2013

    BriefLetter - Issue 07/2013
    Until then we wish all of our readers a beautiful summer and relaxing holidays!...
  • 12.000 readers in 83 countries make BriefLetter the most-read publication in the segment of strategic branding, globally.

    BriefLetter - Issue 07/2013
    Franz Maximilian Schmid-Preissler We are pleased with so many readers because we can assume that more and more companies and professional managements are conducting their brand strategy from a long-term point of view and share our conviction, that brands...
  • Multi Channel Retailing and more!

    BriefLetter - Issue 07/2013
    A report from this year’s World Department Store Forum by Franz M. Schmid-PreisslerThe leading department stores of the world meet once every year to discuss the future prospects. In 2013 the forum took place in Istanbul. It was impressive what there wa...
  • Andrew Jennings and the Death of the German Karstadt Group

    BriefLetter Special - Issue 05/2013
    A commentary by Franz M. Schmid-PreisslerIt has been apparent at least since the World Department Store Forum 2013 in Istanbul in May, that Mr. Jennings was going to leave Karstadt. In Istanbul he changed his originally planned topic of his talk from that...
  • Build where you sell

    BriefLetter - Issue 06/2013
    The realization that production and point of sale should be as close together as possible is not new. What has been occasionally depicted as new marketing knowledge is a hundred and more years old. Siemens, just to give an example, already created product...
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